Did you know that close to 20% of Singaporeans are Christians. Catholics alone number close to 400,000.

There are likely to be many Christians at your workplace, but do you know who they are? Look out for the tell-tale signs. Does your colleague have a crucifix at their desk, or wear one? Does he or she make the sign of their cross at meals? Perhaps there is this colleague is always joyful and at peace. You could ask how he or she is able to so joyful and perhaps you will be surprised! Or if you exhibit these traits, perhaps others will ask you.

Fellow Christian colleagues can serve as a mutual support network, or even a spiritual ballast to get through the difficulties that Christians can sometimes face at work. If nothing else, it is always good to make more friends at work! Here are some ideas on how we can start forming a Christian Community at the Workplace

Attend lunchtime mass together

The Catholic Prayer Society organises lunchtime mass at numerous convenient locations during the workweek. Each mass takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Mass is also celebrated at all centres on Days of Obligation. Attend mass together, and get to know them better after over lunch. Information on locations and timings can be found at the Catholic Prayer Society Website. 

Mass locations and timings

Attend a talk together

The Catholic Prayer Society also organises occasional lunchtime talks which are meant to provide all attendees with some knowledge to live in the world and be an alive Catholic.

More information on lunchtime talks

The Catholic Business Network also organises various events targeted at working adults, including the My Journey Series, where prominent Catholics share their faith journey and how they live their lives at the workplace. Please go to the events tab for more information.

Start a WhatsApp/Telegram Group

Start a WhatsApp/Telegram group with all the Catholics and/or Christians in your organisation. If you make everyone an admin such that they can add fellow Christians they know, you may be surprised how fast it grows. You can use the group to share news or challenges arising in the course of work; share inspiring or useful Catholic material you come across; gather colleagues to Catholic events. Hey, the group could also become your lunch kakis!

Form a small group

You could progress to forming a small Christian group at your workplace that comes together regularly for fellowship, say once a month or once a week.

There are a lot of resources available to help get the group going: Caritas has a produced a group study guide on Catholic Social Teachings at the workplace for working adults called “Labourers at the Harvest”. This study guide applies the Church’s social teachings to our work environment in the hopes of helping us, as Catholics in the secular workplace, integrate our faith with our work. It is designed to be run through over 12 sessions, and simply laid out in a manner such that anyone (even those with no experience) can bring the group through it. More information on the study guide and how to obtain it can be found here:

More information on the study guide

Once you have completed the Labourers of the Harvest series, there is also the Salt of the Earth series that runs for another 12 sessions. Information on that is available at the same weblink.